Impulse (Impulse #1) - Ellen Hopkins

Impulse - Ellen Hopkins

Any book that makes me cry deserves five stars. This was completely, utterly heartbreaking and I don't think I'm in a state to write clever, reasonable review right now. I also don't think I can say anything without spoiling it but this was just perfect. I started reading it when I was feeling like reading something depressive of some sort and this book seemed like a perfect choice. I've never read a book written in a poetry form before and I didn't know what to expect. On my own surprise, I found the written style incredibly captivating and intruding. I loved it more than I expected it and this book made me learn how incredible Ellen Hopkins is as an author. I'll definitely read more books of hers in a future.


This book touched me right in the heart and ripped me apart in a good way. I'm still quite shaken from it and I hope you find the same enjoyment in that I did.