"Nessa liked it. Most of the time, it was her favourite place to be. She could spend hours training there, getting herself ready for the battle and make the most of the time there. She could easily get lost in her head. It was an escape from a harsh reality, sometimes even better than dreams, and she wished she could be there all the time. If only her body was strong enough to handle much more.

Even though it was night, the building was full of Warriors. It was loud and it was dangerous. Kicks were flying everywhere. Knives were being thrown on their targets. Things were being lifted and thrown all the way towards the high ceiling. Big rocks were vanishing into the thin air and people were beating each other till the other couldn’t take it anymore. Nessa smiled."

2577 words for now. It's okay. if I continue like this, I'll make it. I can't wait for the holidays to start to really get into it though.