I finally own a physical copy! Though I shouldn't say 'finally' because it usually takes one whole year AT LEAST for them to translate books. I think I never saw a book that was published in English two months later in my country, on my language. But I'm pleasantly surprised and very very much happy because I'm fucking in love with this book.


I'm also probably the most pathetic human being in the world because I went through the hell and back for this book. First, I go to one bookstore and they don't have it (it was published yesterday so it was like, understandable), then I remember that there is one more just around the corner, so I go there, see the book through the window, BUT the bookstore closed 20 minutes ago because that's just my kind of luck. Then I start walking because I had 10-15 more minutes till my appointment with my therapist. But then I remember another freaking bookstore that is in a totally opposite direction from where I was going, and I turn around and practially run there, half praying all the way that it pays off. And it did. Seriously, the things I do for books.


So yeah, I'll probably do a reread of this faster than I'd ever done for any other book. Pathetic, I know.