Careless book geek

Hiiii, I'm Patricia, I'm 18 and I like to read books. I also love music and writing so there's that, too. Nice to meet you! :D

About Me

- Patricia


- from Croatia


- I'm 17


- music is my life


- I also play a guitar


- I'm half hipster (or not idk what makes me hipster I just like to think that I am)


- reading is my escape


- as well as writing


- I'm sarcastic lil shit


- and I hate being serious


- even though I try to come off as serious in my reviews


- I'm not sure how that works out


- I like to think that I'm funny


- also doesn't show in my reviews


- I'm a lil bit crazy


- but I pretend I like myself


- idk I'm just a kid

Currently reading

Dreams of Gods & Monsters
Laini Taylor
Progress: 17 %