Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglad

Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas







Let me explain something. At 10% I was ready to give this book 4 stars. Somewhere around 40% it fell down to 3. Then, not even 5% later, it was down to 2 stars. But when I reached 90% and unnecessary plot twist that made no sense happened and I got so so so pissed, I couldn't give it more than 1 star. From the blurb, I really really thought I'd like this. I liked the idea, I thought it'll be great bullying book. But no. This book doesn't come close to digging deeper into bullying subject than just having someone who hates MC but secretly wants to shag her. It's full of sexual tension and nothing more. As being a victim of bullying, I couldn't take this seriously. It seemed as bullying subject was only there just to try to make it more interesting. It failed. It was handled poorly and I guess we should've only cared about main characters fucking.


The thing is, I never get so pissed at the book that I'm screaming so loudly that I'm sure my neighbours can hear me. This book managed to change that, too. If I could've, I'd burn it, but I have it on my Kindle so that was out of question. My phone is still too precious to me. I felt as this book should've been finished before it actually was and I was getting sick of it after the said 90%. Then it became even more dramatic and I hated it so much I barely managed to finish it. I do not, in any way, understand how this book has so many five-star ratings, but it looks like that's the case with every NA novel, even if it's horrible (and most of them are, to be honest).


To the top of that, add sexism, slut-shaming, annoying, unbearable main character and her even more annoying best friend and a "perfect" guy and there you have it! A perfect book, isn't it? Stay away. For life. You don't want to read this. I'd never want anyone to go through this. There are so many problems with this book and with its characters that I was cringing more than I was keeping a straight face. Moreover, I should've probably counted how many times the author wrote "Ugh!" or "Agh!" and added unnecessary exclamation marks. Writing style was annoying more times than it wasn't and I'd laugh out loud at some words that were used.


This seems nothing different than any NA book, even if I haven't read many. Blurbs are almost enough. I feel proud of myself that I even finished this because I usually can't. But I made myself and I succeeded. Four for me!All things considered, this book is utter crap. Don't even bother with it if you care for your mental health. If you decide to read it though, I hope you like it more than me!