Hallowed (Unearthly #2) - Cynthia Hand

Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

This book series is definitely one of the favourite book series I've ever read. Cynthia Hand is an incredible writer. Each line is carefully planned, sentences and dialogue are flowing perfectly and this book is so heartfelt and full of emotions that always found their way to my poor heart. The humour is presented in this book as well as in the first one and there were parts that made me laugh and shake my head at the character's antics. But, for the big part of it, this book was awfully sad. It's a book about death and a book about loosing the ones you love. I admire the way Clara tried to deal with it. I admire the way she acted because staying put while knowing your loved one is going to die is hard. And then, there are more and more things in a way and I think that, if I were in Clara's place, I'd burst a long time ago. The plot twists were brilliant. The way writer left me surprised so many times and made me question everything I've read so far and made me anticipate the end of a book even more.


Tucker was always and will always stay my favourite male character in the book and maybe ever, even. More than a few times, I'd shout at Clara for her mistakes and choices she's made and Christian always made me want to puke with his "We belong together" crap which, really, becomes a bit annoying until the end of a book. This is literally his only argument on why he and Clara should be together. To me, he and Clara were always too obvious choice. "Perfect" him and "perfect" she and it didn't fit. I still think they don't fit. I don't know. Maybe I dislike Christian a bit too much, but I find it hard not to. Maybe I'm too attached to Tucker and I want to shelter him from all things bad and let him have his Clara, but I can't help it.


All in all, this was just an amazing book and I can't wait to read its sequel. I'm definitely looking forward to reading it!