Half Bad - Sally Green

Half Bad (Half Life Trilogy) - Sally Green
It doesn't happen very often that some book leaves me speechless but this one has certainly done that. This is kind of a book that keeps you turning pages till the very end. This is kind a of book that I was hiding my phone for in a school to read at least two more pages. It's gripping, powerful and it had me interested from the first sentence.
I know that a lot of people had a problem with writing style and such but for me, it was something that added a certain touch to the book, made it even more gripping and even more unforgettable. I liked seeing what was going on inside of Nathan's head, loved reading it from the second and first point of view. It made me connect to Nathan more as well as the story itself.
This book is brutal. It doesn't hold anything back. It describes Nathan locked up in a cage, describes the way he's tortured, shows just how merciless the "good guys" are and it works perfectly. Every character is developed  in their own way. None of them are only "good" or "evil". Every one of them is complex and sometimes hard to figure out. I loved that. I loved the way that the author brought each character to us - the way they were presented. It's hard to find that sometimes and I end up disappointed but this didn't happen here at all.
The only thing I wish for is that there is more. It was probably a bad idea to go and read this book straight away because I'll probably wait for the next one for too long. I'm willing to wait, though. This book is worth it. Definitely one of my favourites and I can't wait for more!