John Dreamer - Elise Celine

John Dreamer (John Dreamer Series) (Volume 1) - Elise Celine

This book is... weird, different so to say. Which really isn't bad at all. I liked the idea a lot, even if I was a bit confused at what it really was about at the beginning. Although I guess that was the point so I can't complain.


What actually surprised me is that I liked side characters way more than the main ones. The thing is, personally, I think they were much more developted and complex than Andy and John. We get to see them in their good, in their bad and we get these different kind of personalities with each of them and I really liked that. I got to love all five of them - even if some of them weren't in a story for a long period of time. Guardian was my personal favourite and I'd like to find out more about him in the future.


Then we have Andy and John... and insta-love (hey! That almost rhymes!). Look, I'm not saying it's impossible to fall in love in eight and a half seconds or whatever, but it's just so.incredibly.cliche. I just couldn't buy it. And I wish we got to find out more about them than mostly about them together. Sure we get bits of it here and there but Andy is swooning every time John looks at her before even 10% mark and it was just annoying and gag-worthy that I almost skipped those pages. We know shit about John till the end of a book except of only one piece of his life and why Andy felt like he knew him - and that's it. I don't care about how much swoony the guy is, I want to get to know him. Only that way, I can truly understand and connect to him. I'm sorry but I did not share Andy's obsessivness over him. I couldn't believe it enough.


On the other side though, this book is smart and inspirational. It gives hope, in some way. It makes you believe that your deepest dreams can come true and will if you only try. And that's what's really good about this book. It was almost easy to put Andy and John at the side and focus on more important, deeper things this book is about. Because of that and because of great, different side characters, I give it 3.5 stars. Another thing that was good was an open ending and even though there is a sequel coming its way, I can imagine what happened next and make my own ending which worked for this book. I will probably give a shot to the sequel as well.


Overall, an enjoying and mostly pleasant read with great message and an open ending.