Well... it's better than the movie, that's for sure

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

3 stars because of this being entertaining as hell, potential Magnus and Alec (like, I need more of them okay?) and these random funny moments that made me laugh out loud till tomorrow. All the other things, the characterisation, the MC (I went nuts with her), the love interest, ridiculous similes and plot holes are just a big fat no.


You know, I had this book since 2010 and I still haven't read it until now. And I've a translated version to my native language from the library. I don't know why but whenever I'd start it before, I'd put it down - the latest being glaring grammar errors and my unableness to get into the story. But, now as I borrowed the two next books from the library, too (and that's as far as I'm going with this series), I'm reading it all in one go.


So yeah, I don't have much to say about this. I have no idea if this is plagiarised, I wouldn't be surprised if it was (it was one of the reasons I was avoiding this book like a plague), and if it is, then Cassandra Clare, I don't like you at all. But I tried to forget the disturbing story I've read about this situation before, and get into the book. I guess I succeeded, which definitely doesn't mean I should like the author. Because I don't. Oh wait, does this go against GR policy? Oops. Well, Booklikes is cooler. You guys rock!


Anyway, I'll continue with this till the book 4 and hopefully will finish it in a week's time. Gah, I'm too busy these days.


P. S. The movie was so bad I was cringing the whole way on the train whilst watching it. Like, why? They even had a decent cast! People I've seen acting before and they were real fucking good! It's such a shame. Sigh.