So, so dull that it's not even funny

A Creature of Moonlight - Rebecca Hahn

DNF at the page 116.


I can't read any more of this. It's boring. It's so, so boring that I've almost fallen asleep every time I'd get back to reading this. You'd expect that, from the book that involves the girl that is half dragon, there will be some action and fast-paced storyline and whatnot, but no! Instead, we get details, some attempt at a plot twist, and more details! In this 36% I've read, nothing remarkably happens. it's just lost of thoughts and lots of details and details.


We have a girl named Marni who's been living with her grandpa, away from the village, her whole life. There is woods outside her house and she goes there and meets one magical lady from time to time without her grandpa knowing. There are also lots of lords and stuff going over to their house. Also, apparently, she's a flower girl. And that's about 20% of this book. Marni talks to her granpda, Marni goes to the woods and thinks how she would like to run away, Marni does some knitting, Marni goes to the woods, Marni talks to her granpda or keeps quiet when there are guests... and that's it. Nothing. Absolutely. Fucking. Nothing. Then her grandpa dies and she goes to live at the court because, you know, she's actually a princess. There we have more knitting, new dresses, more gossiping, and pretty people. And that's as far as I go because more than 100 of pages with just that is not working for me.


From some books, I expect a slow plot and even hope for it, but this? No, I expected action, not boring details and hearing a MC moaning about how she wants to run away but has no guts to do so. Just, give me a fucking break because no. I wanted to like this. I really did because high fantasy and dragons and man, I love this things usually, but sadly not here.


I don't know if the plot gets better from here but I'm not intrigued enough to continue and I could honestly care less about this story. I'm sorry, maybe this is just me, but it's not working. I really wish it was.