Faking Normal - Courtney C. Stevens

Okay, okay, deep breaths.


I still don't know what to write about this. Because it left me completely shocked and terrified for my life and everything that's dear to me. I loved and hated this more than a life itself. I'm still debating is this or "Forbidden" more mindfucking. Though I still this "Forbidden" wins the battle. Still, this barely kept me sane and I don't think I'm still sane.


This is the way you handle the rape subject and the way you write emotions and consequences from it. This is the way you write tough subject because any book that has me screaming at 2am is a good book.


Characters were on point. They weren't perfect. They weren't without a fault. They were very realistic and very connectable. I loved them. I cried and I laughed with them. I felt with them and I just... well, I just really don't know what to say. It's hard because this book is so good it hurts.


Please, just read it for yourselves. Maybe you won't feel the same way I did but that doesn't matter because this book has changed me and I loved every second of it.