The fuck???

Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson



I think I've read thirty pages of this, put the book down, and said "never again". This is probably my personal record that I gave up on the book. I don't exactly know what it is. The premise sounds great, the title, the cover, everything is great, except from what's inside the book. In those thirty pages, there's just a lot of info-dumping and scientific facts and phrases I wasn't half assed to understand because it's written in such boring and uninteresting way I found myself falling asleep more times than not. It reads as if we need some knowledge about robots and robotics beforehand and that's not something I appreciate at all. Because I'm not a robotics fanatic who'll go research stuff about them before reading a book about robots. And I wasn't supposed to because a writer should be able to provide us the information the book needs.


I looked forward to reading this but, unfortunately, I ended up being disappointed. Eh, better luck for me next time.