Goodness, why??

Clarity - Kim Harrington

This is just your typical, formulatic YA. You have your speshul snowflake of a MC that's better than anyone else in this small town with only small-minded people. She has not friends because she's apparently a freak but also because she's above anyone else. Then there's an asshole, but hot, mate, hot love interest that's, you know, just so HOT, like!!11!!! Then we have cheating ex-boyfriend who just wants to get back with MC and MC starts to consider it because he so sweet!!!! Of course, there's also this slut who's like so slutty because she has SEX, OH MY GOD!!! Not to mention that MC actually slut-shames her own brother because he often has sex. No. Just no. I'm sorry I don't know what people see in this. I tried reading it till the end just because of the mystery, but I ended up skipping the last 100 of pages and seeing who did it. And, to be honest, it didn't surprise me, I kind of expected it.


So yeah, this book did nothing to me. I felt as if I've read it hundreds of times already and maybe I am missing something, but this was just painful to me.